Every fashionista lives for the moments they see an item that screams, “I WILL BE YOURS.” This happened to me this morning the second I saw this hologram satchel from Nasty Gal.


Yup. Give me that.


Estatic for Etsy

One of the things I miss most about living in NYC are the vintage street fairs. Every summer weekend I used to stroll through them, sucking on watermelon slices and perusing the eclectic display of one of a kind jewels. Here in Gainesville, that’s very hard to find. But since my jewelry obsession is at its peak, a fashionista like myself must resort to our next best solution:

Etsy’s not new, but it never gets old. The site is created for handmade objects and unique gifts, ones that would definitely be spotted at summer street fairs. Etsy is filled with gorgeous gold accessories, hand-knit hats, and cute home decor. The best part is that most of these items are extremely affordable. I’m talking like prices, such as $6 for a gold knuckle ring. And to top it off, the money spent supports other artists rather than huge corporations like Forever 21.

I actually first heard about Etsy through one of my favorite jewelry designers, Libby Diament. When I bought a few of her pieces but wanted more, she directed me to her website. And that’s where it began.

Check out some of my fave finds that I just so happened to add to my shopping cart 😉

Gold ear cuff

Gold knuckle rings:

Studded cloth bracelets

Lose the Leggings

Ok I admit it. I wore and washed my black leggings so much this winter, they’ve faded to grey. And I think its finally time to spit the truth: I’M SICK OF THEM! But help?! I’ve pretty much incorporated black leggings (whether shiny nylon or cotton) into almost every outfit I own, and I have lost all concept of other alternatives for the waist-down! But with a little fashion mag reading, I quickly came across some options that made me excited for Spring.

Maxi Skirts- source:

Maxi skirts are a perfect go-to summer staple. They’re flowy and simple, yet super sexy. Pair a solid color maxi skirt with a textured t-shirt, or opt for a crazy floral print skirt with a cute crop top. I can’t stand jeans or anything constricting, so in the comfort department, these skirts have got leggings beat!

Wide legged pants, source:

I’m a huge fan of anything flowy, especially these wide legged, high-waisted pants. The soft texture and layers of light fabric create an ethereal feeling. Pair them with a flattering leotard or a floppy hat. It’s hard to feel down on a day you’ve got these babies on.

Pastel pants, source: jbrand

Pants, pants, pants!!! Pastel pants! How can you not like these? They’re super fun and they look pretty comfortable. The best thing about these pants is that, even though they’re super out there, you can mix and match them with almost any top. And don’t get me started about accessorizing. Any of these pants would look fabulous with a pair of pretty flats or funky wedges.

New Logo!

So today I finally finished my new personal logo and I’m very pleased with it! I’ve been working on it for about two weeks and every day something new is added to it or a few pieces are taken away. The finished product looks completely different than my original draft. My draft was simple in the beginning but with each new trick I learned with Illustrator I wanted to add a new embellishment to my design.

I used a gradient design I drew by hand with rotating “R”s as a center image. This double letter design for R&R can be used in the future once Rebecca hops on board with the brand. I used a sleek and futuristic font for my name that has a lot of personality. It’s clean and original, plus it works well with the rest of the logo. I then added horizontal stripes on either side to balance out the image and tie it all together.
I’m excited to see how this design looks once printed on business cards and letterhead. I hope this is just the beginning of my brand as it grows and succeeds.

Not What It Seams

Unless you are a die-hard nudist, clothing has been a part of your life since your earliest breaths. It affects everyone. Whether you’re the type to throw on the first shirt you see in your closet or to spend hours analyzing your outfit in front of your tri-fold mirror. And a lot of thought goes on behind those seams. Every piece of clothing–from Hanes to Helmut Lang– is a product of someone’s idea. Someone designed it, produced it and marketed it all the way onto the rack in which you bought it, all because you liked it (or did at that point at least).

My name is Rebekah Geier and I think a lot about clothes. Not What It Seams is a fashion, music, and lifestyle blog that looks beyond the surface. It takes its readers behind the scenes into a world of glamour and enriching finds. I share trends, new music, old music, online shopping finds, and looks of the day. Browse around, click around, scroll around, and get lost into an endless world of interesting internet treasures.

This Web site is a peek inside my past, present and future experiences that mesh together to form the fabric of my life.